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Lilac Fires in San Diego

3/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lilac Fires in San Diego Lilac Fire San Diego

You might remember the Lilac Fire – one of many wildfires that popped up in Southern California at the end of last year, and one of the largest (with about 4,100 acres burned and 10,000+ people displaced).

After the fire was contained, SERVPRO of Fontana’s team of fire damage restoration professionals spent 5 weeks out in the San Diego area, working on residential fire damage claims. Even after the immediate danger of a wildfire has passed, affected homeowners still need to move quickly in order to clean up any damage from smoke and/or flames and make the home safe to live in once again.

The aftermath of a wildfire can be a really taxing time for homeowners. That's why SERVPRO of Fontana aims to take as much off of your plate as possible. We're available 24/7 and respond immediately – because in emergency situations, any amount of waiting will cause damages (and cleanup costs) to rise exponentially.

What To Do When Wildfires Approach

Climatologists are warning that wildfires may be the new normal in large parts of California. Do you have a readiness plan in place for your household? provides simple guides to help you and your family prepare for disaster events, covering basic wildfire info as well as topics like where to find shelter and which evacuation route to take.

When disaster actually approaches, the safest thing you can do is to evacuate the area with your loved ones: there’s nothing you can do by staying put. Head to the shelter you’ve identified when preparing your readiness plan, and only return to your home when the “all-clear” is given.

If your home suffers fire damage – whether from a wildfire or any other source – professional restoration is your best bet. It’s not safe to live in a house whose structural integrity may have become compromised, nor is it any fun to deal with the smell of smoke caked into your walls and carpets for years on end. Check out our fire damage tips, where we cover the basics of what to do and what not to do after fire and/or smoke events.

SERVPRO of Fontana offers 24/7 service, including all major holidays – because emergencies don’t wait for normal business hours.  For fire damage restoration, storm damage cleanup and other residential or commercial services, call us today at (909) 357-4337.

Roof Leak in Rialto CA

3/6/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Roof Leak in Rialto CA Effective drying technique to restore this home in Rialto CA affected by water damage

Water Damage in Rialto CA

SERVPRO of Fontana was called to the scene of this natural disaster in Rialto CA. Located in San Bernardino County, Rialto is a small city that received a downpour of rain last month, resulting in water damage for a lot of homeowners and business owners in the area.

Thankfully SERVPRO of Fontana specializes in water damage repair and cleanup, so when our clients called for help - we were quick to arrive at the scene. 

As you can see in the photo, we helped restore the areas affected using our moisture monitoring equipment, which ensures that your property is completely dried. In the case of this home in Rialto, the roof leaked causing damage to the upstairs bedroom. We tarped the roof, demoed the affected materials, sanitized the structure and dried it out.

We are proud to serve Southern California:

Whether you're experiencing water damage at your home or commercial property, SERVPRO of Fontana is ready to respond to any water crises with our team of trained professionals. Give us a call if you need help with your water emergency: (909) 357-4337.

Want to learn more about SERVPRO of Fontana? Read more about our SERVPRO Employees here.

And remember - we also specialize in fire damage, mold remediation, air ducts and HVAC cleaning, vandalism and grafitti, and more. 

Before and After: Residential Water Damage in CA

1/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Before and After: Residential Water Damage in CA Water Damage in San Bernardino

If only homes came with manuals. Sure, there are plenty of DIY resources for tasks big and small, but even the most responsible homeowner simply can’t be prepared to handle everything life throws their way. But that’s why SERVPRO of Fontana is here: when disaster hits, we strap on our capes, and rush to the rescue!

Take a look at a couple of our most recent jobs out in San Bernardino County – and how our team saved the day:

Water Damage in Victorville

Folks in the High Desert may be used to unusual weather, but Mother Nature can’t take the blame for this mess in Victorville. A pipe had burst in the customer’s garage, affecting an adjacent bedroom. You can catch a glimpse of the waterlogged carpet and damp walls, especially in the closet area.

Unfortunately, once this kind of flooding has occurred, there’s no real way to salvage the walls or carpeting. Floodwaters can host harmful bacteria that pose a serious health risk, especially when the water has been sitting for an extended period of time. Drying out the spill isn’t enough to make the area livable – this would require some rebuilding.

SERVPRO arrived on the scene and got to work, packing out the affected areas and stripping both the carpeting and lower segments of the wall. Once the bare floor was exposed, we sanitized and dried the zone to prepare for new construction.

Of course, having your home torn apart while you’re trying to live there can be inconvenient, so our team always works as fast as can be done without sacrificing quality. This job was completed in just 4 days.

Burst Supply Line in Fontana

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: going away for a fun-filled weekend, only to return to a flooded house. So when our customer in Fontana found just such an emergency awaiting, they called SERVPRO to the scene. 

A supply line had burst in the upstairs bathroom, affecting the entire downstairs level. And since nobody had been home to catch the problem right away, the water damage was pretty significant.

We arrived on scene and started the mitigation process right away, removing the damaged sections of wall and flooring and sanitizing the affected areas. It didn’t take long at all to get the home cleared for human residence once again.

Because we have plenty of experience with this sort of thing, our team also worked with the client and her insurance carrier to get the home cleared for reconstruction as quickly as possible. Situations like this can be very trying for homeowners, so SERVPRO does everything we can to make it easier.

SERVPRO of Fontana offers 24/7 service, including all major holidays – because emergencies don’t wait for normal business hours.  For water damage restoration, mold remediation and other residential services, call us today at (909) 357-4337.

You have a Slab Leak, Now what?

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

General You have a Slab Leak, Now what? slab leak

Home ownership is one of the many joys we get to experience in life. It is the physical representation of owning something, claiming it as our own, and a staple of showing consistency, a state of permanency, and stability.  As much as the joys of home ownership are apparent, there also comes the stress and worry when something happens in our homes. Whether it is something minor like the air conditioning going out (which isn’t minor in Southern California, but maybe to others), or something major like a slab leak, it is always best to prepare you when things do happen.  Most homes tend not to have slab leaks but when they do it is necessary to take immediate action to diverge extreme damage to your home and yourself. What is a slab leak you may ask? A slab leak is a pumping leakage found either in or below the concrete layer of your home. Here are some signs you have a slab leak in your home:

1. A sudden, and unexplained spike in your water bill

You’ve noticed an increase of your water bill even when it is out of season for the bill to be so high. This is an early sign since you could have constant water flow from a leak.

2. Water pooling where it shouldn’t

When you have a leak, water will begin to accumulate under your foundation until it finds a way to escape. The most prominent area would be shown outside of your home, the house would look like it’s leaking.

3. Damp carpet and warp hard flooring has suddenly appeared

The water accumulate underneath may not have anywhere to go, so will begin to bubble under your carpet or hard flooring.

4. Mold or mildew has appeared, either visibility or a smell

With an access of water in one location with dry materials, mold will eventually appear under your carpet or floor. You may not be able to see it, but you will smell it.

5. You have a decrease it water pressure

Constant water is flowing in your house, so when you turn on a faucet there will be less water than usual for your daily shower or washing the dishes.

6. The hot water heater is constantly running

The equivalent of leaving the hot water running in your home 24/7, which will result in having less hot water for daily necessity and life.

7. Your floor has become hot in certain areas.

With all the water hanging out under your floors, you will notice random hot spots moving from one room to the next. With nowhere to go, the pressure will build causing the water to trap, and create heat.

Has all these things happened in your home? Maybe one or two of them has happened, but you are getting considered about it. You recognize that you may have a slab leak based on the following signs. You need to take immediate action to prevent further damage to your home. Do not wait.  Calling in a professional is necessary to look at the damage and determine what it takes to repair the mess causes by your slap leak. Once they have accessed the damage, they can begin to making your house feel like home again.

SERVPRO provides the best water service in the Fontana area, which a quick, easy and professional approach to getting your home back to tip top shape. For water damage and more, SERVPRO of Fontana is the name you can trust. Call us today at (909) 357-4337 and let us know how we can help.

Getting your Home Holiday Ready

11/15/2017 (Permalink)

It’s in the mid November, which means, Christmas is about 5 weeks away, and the holiday season is upon us. Whether you are hosting the scariest Haunted House on Halloween weekend, feasting with family around a Thanksgiving table, drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols with loved ones, or ringing in the New Year with close friends, you want your house in tip top shape to make those you love feel at home. With so many other plans and preparation for special holiday events, it is easy to over look the most important aspect of your party, your home.  Here are a few tips and tricks to prepare your house for the holidays:

Check Basic Appliances

Nothing can be worst then preparing a Thanksgiving dinner then realizing your oven doesn’t work as you are about to cook the turkey. This can be easily diverged with having a local handy man come and check on the upkeep and basic health of your kitchen appliances. From your oven, refrigerator, central healing/air conditioning, power, and water pressure are all key things that make a house a home and having someone come out before months of parties and families will save time and headaches of when the festivities begin.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness   

Cleaning your house is a no brainer, but having the time to do a deep clean of you house before the fun may not be in the cards. You could do basic cleaning but you know you have that one friend or relative who is going to look for the flaws in your home then say something later about it, so you will need to step up your A game. Hiring professional cleaners to come into your home will save you time, stress and always worth the money. There are plenty out there so do your research in finding a cleaning service in your price range and will give you the service you need.

Transformation Time

After you have cleaned, checked all the major house functions, you get to do the best thing next, you get to decorate your home! You get to add a touch of holiday flare that will bring the essence of the holidays to your home. Whether it’s adding tomb stones to your lawn and transforming it to a grave yard, to putting up the Christmas tree decorated with Nutcracker ornaments, adding accents of blue and silver to your Hanukkah nights, or hanging colorful streamers for New Years, this is your moment to shine. Remember to have fun and allow your creativity to shine!

Party time!

Need I say more?

The After Party

You’ve managed to throw the most memorable party of 2017. Everyone was fed, great pictures were taken that will later be posted on social media, and it was over all a great experience for you and your guests. However, as fantastic as your party was, your home is now a hot mess. The after glow of your party has died down and in the harsh light of day you see the stains, the mess, the clutter of the fun the night before. Luckily, you can bring in those trusty professional cleaners again, and maybe even a carpet cleaner to take away the mess and bringing your home back into the state you are accustomed to.

The holiday season is one of merriment, joy, fun and family, but often can lead to stress and anxiety.  Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you prepare before and after your gatherings to make life a little easier.

SERVPRO offers a wide variety of cleaning services from Carpet & Upholstery, Ceiling, Floors, and Walls, and even Odor Removal.  Call SERVPRO today for your holiday pre party and post party cleaning at (909) 357- 4337.

What Should I Do if a Hurricane Approaches?

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

It’s hurricane season once again, and that means an increased risk of high winds and heavy rain – even for folks not directly in the path of these giant tropical storms. A few particularly nasty hurricanes of late have people wondering what they can do in the event of an incoming disaster.

Here are a few tips to protect your home – and your family – from an approaching hurricane:

Make a Hurricane Readiness Plan

A hurricane readiness plan is hands-down the best way to ensure safety in the event of a disaster. This is something you can plot out today, even if there’s no immediate risk of storms (in fact, that’s probably the best time to do so).

A simple guide for creating your own readiness plan is available at You’ll want to cover important topics like where to find shelter and which evacuation route to take, and practice your plan with the rest of the family. even provides PDFs of wallet-size cards that you can print out, fill out, and keep handy at all times.

Shut Off Your Home’s Electricity

Electrical wiring can easily be damaged by powerful winds and flying debris, making appliances unsafe and potentially sparking fires. If you’re in a flood-prone area (check online at FEMA’s site), this step is especially important, as pools of electrified water are incredibly dangerous.

Protect your home by turning off the electricity at the main circuit breaker, which is often located in the basement or garage (some of the first places to flood when water levels rise). You’ll generally want to leave the power off until local authorities advise that it’s safe to turn back on – better safe than sorry!

Cover Doors and Windows

Both doors and windows are extremely vulnerable to damage from wind and airborne debris, and can allow water to flood your home if breached. Plywood boards are the go-to quick-and-cheap solution, though accordion-style storm shutters are more durable if you have enough time to get them installed. You might also consider picking up some “hurricane film”: a clear plastic peel-and-stick solution that won’t provide much damage resistance but can keep glass shards from becoming deadly projectiles.

Garage doors are particularly at-risk, since they have a large surface area and are usually pretty flimsy. If you’re planning well in advance, impact-resistant steel doors are available, though they can be pricy. Otherwise, a few 2x4 boards anchored in the walls can provide some extra bracing with fairly little notice.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies – and Consider a Shelter

Major storms can have a serious impact on infrastructure and utilities in the short-term, so you may not be able to easily pick up food, medicine, and other basic needs in the immediate aftermath of a storm. FEMA has prepared a checklist of recommended supplies for a standard emergency kit, along with a few extra items to consider depending on the situation.

If the weather is looking pretty serious (and especially if your area has been issued an evacuation warning), understand that there’s nothing more you can do by staying put. Head to the shelter you’ve chosen when making your readiness plan and ride out the storm in safety.

For storm damage repair, flood draining, and more, SERVPRO of Fontana is the name you can trust. Call us today at (909) 357-4337 and let us know how we can help.

Why Choose SERVPRO Fontana

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Why Choose SERVPRO of Fontata?

A family-owned company for over 50 years, SERVPRO is a comprehensive service provider offering expert fire/water damage repair, flood & mold cleanup, reconstruction, and other specialty services for residential and commercial properties alike.

Fires and floods don’t wait for regular business hours – and neither do we. SERVPRO of Fontana’s award-winning disaster cleanup and restoration services are available 24/7, including holidays.

When disaster strikes, immediate action is needed in order to protect the structural integrity of your property and eliminate biohazard risks. We pride ourselves on speedy responses to your emergency needs and a quick solution to the problem.

Our Team

Our friendly team of service professionals is highly trained in property damage restoration – from the initial and ongoing education offered by SERVPRO’s corporate training facility, to up-to-date certification by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

As a locally owned franchise and community employer, SERVPRO of Fontana is proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Fontana and the surrounding areas. Let us get you back on track without delay.

Our Results

There’s no job too big (or too small) for SERVPRO of Fontana. From individual residences to large-scale corporate solutions, we’ll do what it takes to restore your property to its former glory. We can even work with your insurance directly for a stress-free claims process – saving you a headache and a ton of paperwork.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what just a few of our satisfied customers had to say…

I had a small kitchen fire that left soot and smoke damage throughout the house. Was referred to SERVPRO of Fontana by my agent. They were able to have a crew on site same day. They sent a good team of guys, very professional and accommodating. Made the whole process a breeze. I would definitely recommend them!

--- Zachary W. in San Bernardino, CA

I was very happy I selected SERVPRO to work on my home. Great work.

--- Benito in Fontana, CA

Very happy with SERVPRO of Fontana. We had severe water damage to our house late on a Friday afternoon. They showed up within a couple hours and started working right away to clean up the water. They showed up on time, every time they came to our house and were very polite and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone! Daniel and his crew were great!

--- Lynn B. in Fontana, CA

For disaster cleanup and reconstruction services from the name you can trust, call SERVPRO of Fontana today at (909) 357-4337.

Preparing Your House For Winter Weather: 5 Things You Can Do Today

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

As fans of HBO already know, “winter is coming” – and with it comes a whole new set of weather-related challenges. If you’re not ready when the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling, you could be in for a rough (and possibly expensive) time. Fortunately, a little preventive action goes a long way.

Start winterizing your home today with these quick tips:

1. Clean Out Your Gutters/Drainpipes

Gutters and drainpipes are meant to gather water from your roof and route it safely away from your home’s foundation. Ideally, you should be cleaning these at least once or twice per year, and autumn is the perfect time to do so.

As trees start shedding leaves and twigs, they tend to collect in your gutters and drainpipes and cause blockages. This may result in water building up and seeping into your walls, attic, and/or basement – which can lead to expensive repairs. And the problem becomes even worse when cold weather rolls in and that water starts to freeze into pipe-blocking chunks of ice. Spend an hour or so on cleanup today, and save yourself a world of hassle later.

2. Check Your Smoke Alarms

When it gets cold outside, we tend to crank up the thermostat and pull the space heaters out of storage. As comfy as that can be, it means the risk of heating equipment fires does increase during winter.

Take a few minutes to go around your home and inspect your smoke and CO2 alarms, ensuring that they’re each functioning properly and replacing the batteries as needed. Continue checking these every month or so throughout the winter season, and remember that the U.S. Fire Administration recommends replacing your smoke alarms entirely every 10 years.

3. Install a Door Sweep

A door sweep is a simple strip of flexible rubber or plastic that attaches to the lower edge of your (outside-facing) doors. For only a few dollars and a few minutes of your time, these can help seal the entrances to your home and stop cold-weather drafts from entering. They also provide a small amount of protection against minor winter flooding from outdoors, which is often caused by snowmelt and can be aggravated by road salt and other deicers (if you live in an area where these are present).

4. Set Up A Water Alarm

Another way to combat the risk of winter (or spring-thaw) flooding is by installing a water alarm in your home. These little-known devices are surprisingly inexpensive, and function much like a fire alarm: they quickly alert you to the presence of unwanted moisture and give you a chance to stop the problem before it spirals out of control. Place them in the most flood-prone areas of the house, especially ones where you don’t spend a lot of time and won’t necessarily see the water yourself – the basement and attic are perfect examples.

5. Have Your Fireplace Inspected

Even if you prefer the warm summer months to the chill of winter, the chance to get cozy by your fireplace again is probably a silver lining. But before you do so, it’s important to run a quick check-up, especially if you haven’t used it for many months.

Shine a flashlight up the chimney and keep an eye out for any signs of cracking bricks, crumbling mortar, or built-up debris. Check it from the outside, too, ensuring that your roof’s flashing is secure and that there are no new tree branches or other fire hazards close to the home. If you’re unsure of anything, or if it’s tricky to get up on your roof safely, you can always call in a professional for a quick inspection and possible repairs.

When you need to repair damage caused by water, fire, storms, and more, SERVPRO of Fontana is the name Californians trust most. Call us today at (909) 357-4337 and let us know how we can help.

What is “Black Water”?

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

It’s true that flooding is a major risk for homeowners all over the US, but not all floodwaters are created equal. These waters may be loaded with biological waste that poses a serious health risk – even if it’s not immediately obvious. This is what flood damage repair specialists call “black water”.

Black water is particularly dangerous because the effects can linger long after the visible liquid has dried up. Here’s what you need to know as a homeowner:

Where Does Black Water Come From?

Not all flooding involves black water, but it’s more common than you might expect.

When speaking about water damage, flood cleanup professionals use three distinct categories:

  • Category 1 Water: this refers to relatively clean water that is unlikely to pose any real threat – aside from annoyance – to you or other residents. Examples could include an overflowing tub, or a leaky supply pipe underneath the sink.
  • Category 2 Water: aka “gray water”, this describes water with a significant amount of microorganisms and other contaminants – enough to cause illness if consumed or sometimes even just through exposure. Examples might include discharge from your washing machine, or small amounts of groundwater leaking through the basement foundation.
  • Category 3 Water: aka “black water”, this is grossly unsanitary runoff that’s heavy with contaminants. Weather-related flooding is very likely to consist of black water, as sewage systems back up and combine with overflowing rivers/streams to shift around huge amounts of organic material. Gray water that’s been allowed to stand and pool can quickly turn into black water as well.

As a rule of thumb, any water entering your home directly from the outdoors is likely to contain some level of contaminant – and could either be classified as black water, or could quickly become black water without prompt attention. Any sewage/toilet backflow would also be considered black water, regardless of its visible color/content.

How to Get Rid of Black Water

Once black water has entered your house or apartment, these microscopic contaminants will settle and linger in affected areas – walls, floors, furniture, etc. Mopping up the mess simply isn’t enough to sterilize the home.

Your best bet, by far, is to call in the professionals. Safely cleaning up black water usually requires sections of walls and flooring to be replaced, while furniture may or may not be salvageable (depending mostly on what it’s made out of, and how long the water has been present). There’s no sense in delaying – it’s dangerous to even be inside a contaminated home without protective gear.

For black water removal and flood damage repair, SERVPRO of Fontana is the name Californians trust. Contact us today at (909) 357-4337 – we’re available 24/7 for emergency cleanup services.

What to Do If Your Basement Has Flooded

8/9/2017 (Permalink)

If a water spill or full-fledged flood in your basement has you panicked, you’re not alone. Despite the fact that nearly all basements are prone to flooding, many homeowners are caught off-guard when it actually happens.

Here’s what to do when disaster strikes:

1) Shut Off Power

When heading into any flooded area, the first step should be to shut off all power to the room, including electricity and gas. Ideally you’ll want to do this before even entering the room, but this isn’t always possible; in many homes, the breaker panel is located in the basement. In these cases, proceed only if there is little/no standing water remaining.

Note: if you have to stand in water at any point to access your breaker panel, DO NOT – instead, call an electrician for assistance.

2) Determine the Source of the Flooding

Your next steps will depend somewhat on where the excess water is coming from. If there has been a large-scale flood in your area, this should be pretty obvious, but a water spill can also be the result of burst pipes, radiator leaks, backed-up drains, etc. If the water appears to be coming from somewhere within your home, try to shut off the source – and call a plumber for assistance if needed.

3) Move Affected Items Out

Any personal possessions you want to save should be allowed to dry out in a warm and well-ventilated place – outdoors might be the best option, provided it’s relatively sunny out. Give your stuff a good 48 hours to thoroughly dry, but recognize that not everything can necessarily be recovered. A damp basement is very inviting to fungal growth, so don’t delay or you risk having to toss out moldy and mildewy items.

4) Call a Flood Damage Repair Specialist

Even if you’re able to clean up all of the standing water (and sometimes there’s just too much), indoor flooding poses some real long-term dangers. Excess water in your walls or under the carpet creates the perfect conditions for wild mold growth, which – combined with bacteria-rich flood waters – poses a serious health risk for you and your family. The safest course of action is to call in a water damage specialist to dry out the basement, replace rotted or compromised wall sections, and disinfect the area.

SERVPRO of Fontana is proud to be the leader in Southern California flood damage repair. We’re available 24/7 and can work with your home insurance provider – call us today at (909) 357-4337.